July 7, 2023

Empowering High-Risk Organisations

Introducing DETECT, a Revolutionary Decision-Making Support Tool

In high-risk organisations, operational safety and the prevention of error-related incidents stemming from human factors are of utmost importance. Human error is often identified as a “root cause” in major accidents, however this is highly misleading and conceals more than it reveals. Research has shown how Human Error is often induced by various means, called “Error Traps” or “Performance Influencing Factors”, which are generally subtle, difficult to spot, and often have their origins far from the point of the event. Recognising these challenges, we have embarked on the development of DETECT — a groundbreaking decision-making support tool that empowers process safety professionals to maximise their performances while minimising the appearance of error likely situations related to human factors. DETECT provides Process Safety Professionals with a holistic view of those factors that can affect the performance and behaviour of people and groups involved in process safety activities, together with recommendations on how to improve them based on industry best practices and an effortless way to track the effectiveness of interventions. In this blog post, we will delve into the features and benefits of DETECT and our current development process.

Advanced Machine Learning Algorithms

At the core of DETECT lies a cross-functional team of process safety experts and data scientists who are developing advanced machine learning algorithms. These algorithms comprehensively analyse both structured and unstructured data sources within an organisation, providing a quantitative understanding of the multifaceted factors influencing human performance and safety outcomes. By leveraging these algorithms, DETECT identifies and addresses Performance Influencing Factors, which significantly shape safety outcomes in high-risk environments. This data-driven approach empowers organisations to proactively address the underlying causes of safety incidents.

Actionable Recommendations

DETECT goes beyond data analysis by providing actionable recommendations based on industry best practices. By establishing a clear connection between insights gained from PIFs and the necessary interventions, process safety professionals can implement targeted strategies to enhance safety practices and improve overall performance within their organizations. Additionally, DETECT tracks the impact of these interventions in real-time, enabling organisations to make data-driven decisions and refine their strategies. This iterative process fosters continuous improvement and enhances safety outcomes in high-risk environments.

Alignment with Safety-II Principles

DETECT is being developed in line with Safety-II principles, which emphasize a proactive and adaptive approach to safety management. By providing organisations with comprehensive insights into PIFs, tailored recommendations based on industry best practices, and real-time feedback on intervention effectiveness, DETECT aligns with the core tenets of Safety-II. This ensures that organizations have the necessary tools and information to foster a proactive safety culture that prioritizes learning, adaptability, and continuous improvement.

Development Process

We are developing DETECT in collaboration with major energy companies and health and safety organisations as a series of Minimum Viable Products (MVPs), to ensure we are testing user desirability, technical feasibility, and economic viability. Their invaluable contributions, including real-world operational data and subject-matter expertise, ensure the effectiveness and relevance of our product. By actively involving industry professionals throughout the development process, we incorporate their feedback and best practices, tailoring DETECT specifically to address the challenges associated with human factors. This ongoing collaboration guarantees that DETECT stays up-to-date and continuously evolves to meet the needs of high-risk industries, making it a powerful tool for organisational safety.


DETECT is a significant leap forward in operational safety for high-risk organisations. Through its collaborative development process, advanced machine learning algorithms, actionable recommendations, and alignment with Safety-II principles, DETECT equips process safety professionals with a powerful decision-making support tool. By using data-driven insights, organisations can proactively identify, and address factors influencing human performance, foster a culture of continuous improvement, and enhance safety outcomes. DETECT is poised to revolutionize safety management in high-risk industries, offering a proactive and adaptive approach to mitigating human factor-related errors and ensuring operational excellence.

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