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Observation Data

Boost is your observation analysis solution designed to surface insights about process safety culture and plant integrity.

The Context

Insights are Hidden in Observation Data

What is Observation Data?

Observations are raw, rich and timely descriptions of human behaviours and plant conditions.

Why are we interested in Observation Data?

Health and Safety Observations are the voice of frontline workers. They have a better view of a facility than anyone else.

What usually happens with Observation Data?

Observations are often disregarded once actioned. Analysis is limited to basic metrics and trends.

The Challenge

The vicious cycle of Safety Observations

The current process of analysing observations is difficult and time consuming, making it challenging to convert raw data into digestible and actionable insights across the organisation.

This leads to little to no feedback to frontline workers, which causes decreased engagement and enthusiasm to contribute.

As a result, submitted observations are of low quality, which makes it even harder and more time consuming to analyse, continuing to put safety and productivity at risk.

The Solution

Observations: Individually Interesting, Collectively Compelling

Observations can refer to either human performance or hardware integrity. These categories align with the two barrier types defined by IOGP 544: “Standardization of barrier definitions”.

By categorising observations to human and hardware barriers, Boost automatically transforms individual observations into collective insights.

Boost equips Process Safety professionals with leading indicators of safety culture and plant integrity.


Input an observation

  • Easy to use interface
  • Available across all devices and browsers
  • Ingest data from existing Observation tools

Receive AI-generated suggestions

  • Potential consequence​
  • Most suitable action to take​
  • The specific Hardware or Human Barrier that the observation is aligned to​

Drill-down into your data

  • Automated analytics and dashboards
  • Breakdown of observations by barrier
  • Trends over time and text analysis

Elevate Your Insights with Boost

Harness AI for Precise Observation Data

Boost employs AI technology to deliver precise, data-rich observations.

Seamlessly Store Data in Robust Database

Effortlessly store your data in Boost’s secure database.

Unlock Visual Analysis for Deeper Insights

Uncover patterns and make informed decisions with Boost’s visual tool.

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Surveys designed for front-line employees through to leadership

  • Safety, Leadership & Culture Themes
  • Question Formulation including Coding, Objectivity and Grouping
  • Custom Demographics


Eye-catching dashboards to surface insight quickly

  • Dashboards designed for safety insight
  • Drill-down and slicing data to allow granular analysis
  • Bespoke visualisations that highlight the most important themes


Machine Learning to enhance human understanding

  • Surface connections between themes, departments and respondents
  • Understand sentiment in context of personal and organisational responses
  • Extract common trends and topics across all text-based responses

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