Sense is your all-in-one app for Building, Publishing, and Analysing surveys.

Active Listening, Made Easy!

Understand the sentiment across thousands of responses with just a few clicks!

Does Everyone Feel The Same?

Compare demographics, measure how themes & topics are perceived.

Root Causes From Hidden Context

Use AI to find underlying context in open-ended responses.

Build a powerful survey in 3 simple steps -

  • Avoid Repetition
    Pull questions directly from a dedicated question manager or use our question banks built by industry experts.
  • Organise Efficiently
    Group your questions into themes, change perspectives and tag your questions to gain detailed insights
  • Drill-Down Questions
    With 'Drill Down' you can bring deeper insights to the surface through targeted follow-up questions.
  • Simple Setup, Diverse Options
    Build comprehensive surveys and split them into sections. Our surveys provide instant insights and let you understand who needs a nudge.
  • Hassle-Free Scheduling
    Send out your surveys once, twice, or as many times necessary by saving your surveys - our analytics will automatically track each time your survey goes live.
  • Engage anytime, on any device
    Allow your audience to respond at a click of a button across all platforms - mobile, tablet, or desktop - using our adaptive response display expressly designed for your convenience.
  • In-Depth Visualisations
    Use our custom dashboards & visualisations to discover common themes across various groups of recipients.
  • Track & Measure Over Time
    Has an intervention had an impact? Analyse responses through time to understand changes have had an impact.
  • AI-Powered Insights
    Discover sentiment, emergent themes and relationships to give you a boost in building the fullest picture of your organisations.

Don’t take our word for it

We've worked with experts -

Ready to discover your hidden insights?

"We have been working with Empirisys for several months on a key project. By combining the Empirisys team’s deep technical expertise, with JMJ’s human performance insights we are able to deepen our client impact. The team are a delight to work with and will help us to continue to innovate in our application of data science in this field.”

Andy Banfield

Managing Director, EMEA - JMJ