Improve safety without compromising productivity

Most organisations working in high-hazard, safety critical industries collect and retain vast amounts of data. Much of this data sits hidden away and under-utilised.

Building on our extensive experience gained in some of the largest and most complex energy companies in the world, we help our clients access insights from this treasure trove of data to drive risk management improvements in people, process and plant.

We work in partnership with our clients to help upskill their teams to embed capabilities, and we are committed to ethical data science, supported by best practice from industry and academia.

Leadership & Culture – Driving sustainable improvements in safety culture

Effective leadership within a strong safety culture drives improvements in safety performance.

We help our clients to:

  • Identify obstacles to effective leadership and a strong safety culture, then build interventions to address those obstacles and implement them.
  • Make use of our survey experts to review existing surveys and interviews, or build new ones. Good insight starts with good survey design.
  • Use our bespoke dashboards to gain quick and actionable insight from your survey results. Monitor survey results in real-time as surveys are deployed.

Improving Process Safety

We use our data science capabilities and asset, operations and engineering experience to help identify safety critical risks and establish practical and sustainable improvement actions. We help our clients:

  • Undertake critical reviews of process safety and operational management practice and provide improvement advice.
  • Identify precursors to human error arising from organisational factors.
  • Identify hidden threats to safety critical barriers.

Data & Analytics - Make the most of your data insights.

Our data analytics capabilities are a key differentiator for Empirisys and underpin how we work with our clients. From proof-of-concepts to high-performing production deployments, the team at Empirisys can help you to manage process safety and operational risk:

  • Determine your current digital maturity level and provide unbiased advice about your readiness to exploit the power of data science and machine learning.
  • Utilise the full depth of your organisational data by uncovering insights about risks to your people, control of work processes and safety critical plant and equipment.
  • Bring your data to life through advanced, dynamic visualisation. Help your subject matter experts interrogate and understand the data and, together with our team, identify means of driving continuous improvements in safety, reliability and availability.