Safety in numbers

Most high-risk, safety critical companies generate and store vast amounts of data. And most of the time, it just sits there.

By teaming up with our experienced data engineers, clients can put this invaluable data resource to work, fuelling processes that improve everything from risk management to safety, reliability and productivity across any business.

Our work doesn’t stop there. We continually making sure the processes we recommend are not just fit for purpose, but fit for the future too. By getting client teams up to speed with new ways of working, and better best practices, we’re making sure we evolve together.

Leading from the front

Driving sustainable improvements in safety culture.

In our experience, the more effective leadership can be, the safer the organisation can become.

Here’s what we deliver for our clients:

  • We figure out the main obstacles to effective leadership and a safer workplace, then help the team design new ways of working, and put them into practice.
  • Good insight starts with good survey design. We use our experienced survey experts to go through current surveys and interviews, improve where possible, and even create new ones.
  • By powering our bespoke dashboards with the survey results, we get instant, precise and useful insights.

Smarter, safer processes

Leveraging Data Science and Industry Experience to Uncover Critical Risks

Combining data science capabilities and a wealth of asset, operations and engineering experience means we can identify safety critical risks and establish practical and sustainable improvement actions.

Our staged approach works like this:

  • We start with critical reviews of process safety and operational management practices, to figure out the most relevant improvement advice.
  • Followed by identifying precursors to human error that arise from organisational factors.
  • While identifying any hidden threats to safety critical barriers that may emerge.

Data & Analytics

Making your data work for you.

Every project is different, but they all rely on our three powerful motivators: good data, precision analytics and experience driven capabilities.

From proof-of-concepts to high-performing production deployments, the Empirisys  team makes managing process safety and operational risk easier and more effective.

  • By figuring out your current digital maturity level, we can assess how to work with you to take maximum advantage of both data science and machine learning.
  • Tapping into the full depth of your data means uncovering risk insights on everything from your people, processes and safety critical plant and equipment.
  • We then bring your data to life through advanced, dynamic visualisation, so you don’t just feel you’re in control, you know it.

Getting your subject matter experts up to speed by interrogating and understanding the data and, together with our team, identifying the best ways of driving improvements across the company.

Operational excellence

Identify, improve, and optimise operations.

All high hazard businesses rely on a set ofinterlinking complex business processes relating safety, production, qualityand reliability. These degrade over time as the organisational needs and goalschange and often get to a point where they inhibit delivery rather than supportit. Our expertise allows us to help our clients identify, improve and optimizetheir operations.

  • Quality Planning Frameworks: Modern Method of Construction (MMC) brings the need for a quality framework at design and manufacturing level. Our team developed, deployed and now deliver workshops on the Construction Product Quality Planning (CPQP) guidelines. CPQP is about embedding quality into your products at the design and manufacturing levels.
  • Process Improvement: We have a strong background in delivering change management, delivery management and general process safety. These elements come from dealing with other high hazard industries such as oil and gas as well as nuclear.
  • Research activities: We have performed various bespoke research activities for a wide range of clients providing detailed insights, performing evaluations and structured reports.