November 22, 2023

Navigating Process Safety Leadership: Industry-Wide Survey Findings

Empirisys unveil compelling insights from our collaborative effort with Step Change in Safety, presenting findings from a survey using Sense that delved into Process Safety Leadership within the oil & gas industry.

The survey garnered responses from 450 leaders from 70 organisations, offering a view of the industry's current landscape. Notably, the results underscore a robust and reflective industry, as evidenced by high levels of engagement and impressive average scores. Highlighting the industry's strengths, key themes such as Culture, Clarity, and Competency emerged as cornerstones of excellence, showcasing commendable performance and dedication within these domains.

However, the survey also identified critical areas necessitating attention and growth. Proactivity and Sharing surfaced as requiring enhancement, signifying the need for a more proactive approach and fostering a culture of knowledge exchange within the industry.

To explore these further, we invite you to watch our webinar hosted by Step Change in Safety, where we delve into the finer details of these insightful findings. Additionally, for those seeking a deeper understanding, the full white paper is available for download- Here

Join us on this journey as we navigate the landscape of Process Safety Leadership together!