September 12, 2023

Now is the Time! Empirisys and Decom Mission undertake an in-depth supply network survey

Empirisys are thrilled to share groundbreaking news with the industry. A survey, recently launched in collaboration with Decom Mission during last week's SPE Offshore Europe event, is now open for participation.

This comprehensive survey promises to provide invaluable insights into the current capabilities and capacities of the decommissioning sector while capturing the overall sentiment within the industry.

The resulting report is poised to become a pivotal resource for industry stakeholders. As the sole independent trade organisation exclusively dedicated to late-life and decommissioning activities, Decom Mission is uniquely positioned to offer an accurate reflection of the current state of the decommissioning supply network across multiple energy sectors, including oil & gas, nuclear, and renewables.

Empirisys, as a data science expert and proud member of Decom Mission, has played a pivotal role in developing and executing this survey. Leveraging our proprietary intelligent survey application, "Sense," we have created a platform that ensures the survey's reliability and effectiveness.

Peter Sueref, Chief Technology Officer and co-founder of Empirisys, emphasised the importance of crafting a survey that yields reliable and empirical data. He mentioned;

“Our partnership with Decom Mission presents a fantastic opportunity to leverage our expertise in a situation where the results will drive real change in the Decom supply network. This will enable businesses to capitalize on opportunities as the drive to net zero accelerates."

This is your chance to contribute to the industry's growth and development. All companies active in the decommissioning sector are encouraged to participate in the Decom Mission survey, accessible here.

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