April 27, 2023

Sense - The future of leadership & culture insights

Today, we are excited to announce the launch of Sense, an intelligent survey app that empowers organisations to delve deeper into the minds of participants and truly understand how they think and feel.

We are changing the status quo on how surveys are designed and challenging how responses are interpreted by providing a holistic view of how your communities are seeking change.

The market is full of tools that provide great ways to ask questions; however, not many help you understand feedback or more importantly, how to measure change. Asking the right question is only one piece of the puzzle, we need techniques to gain more insight from answers, over time, and across diverse demographics. When our clients work with us, a common challenge we explore is how do we help build a thriving leadership and employee culture.

We care deeply about how data is interpreted and the narratives they create. Narratives lead to actions and interventions, which pave the way for positive change within communities.

We built Sense so that you can:

  • gain early visibility on cultural and leadership challenges
  • track how change is perceived in your organisation
  • gather feedback during and at the end of a project

We believe the most vital element of a survey is the analysis that comes from the responses. To generate detailed insights, we created a seamless approach to:

  • design rich questions that help you capture all aspects of a respondent’s perspective
  • produce more granular insights about respondents and their perception on multiple topics and themes
  • automate and reuse surveys, to measure if your employees are objectively experiencing a positive change
  • easily share surveys across multiple cohorts and communities
  • access advanced insights across all surveys via Sense, or through your preferred analytics platform

With years of experience in change management and data, we have worked with organisations like yours, to build Sense from the ground-up, to have all the great features of a survey app and more.

Using Sense surveys, organisations gain an unparalleled look into how teams are feeling and behaving, through dashboards, reports and analysis enabled by our AI powered tools.

To find out more on how Sense help you understand your organisational culture, please get in touch with us at or on our website

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