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Case Study

Exploiting the potential of data to enhance process safety planning

A multinational chemical company approached us to analyse their extensive daily operational data to gain insights for future planning and decision-making. While the team used Power BI for standard reporting, they needed specialised support to fully uncover the valuable insights hidden in their data.

The Goal: Improving process safety culture.

To connect datasets from various sources to build an overview of safety trends, and to uncover granular insights which will inform future decision making.

The Empirisys Solution: Identifying correlations between datasets.

  • We ingested the company's datasets, and conducted a comprehensive study, which analysed these without prioritising any particular dataset.
  • We built dashboards and new reporting systems, enabling us to integrate the datasets generated.
  • We highlighted missed weak signals which contribute towards process safety incidents.

Key Results: Survey process overview

The Project:

Comprehensive data analysis to drive safety improvements

In 2022, we conducted a feasibility proof of concept project with the company, identifying top-line trends and potential opportunities for deeper insights.

Using the vast data collected, we examined weak signals contributing to process safety events, identifying gaps in their analysis procedures. We then conducted a comprehensive study and built dashboards and new reporting systems to integrate the datasets.

The Challenge: Efficient data processing.

Our client lacked visibility into the factors contributing to process safety incidents and couldn't harness insights from their data. We partnered with the client to extract and structure the relevant data efficiently and effectively.

Leveraging our extensive experience in data reviews, we conducted a high-quality analysis, demonstrating how the insights generated lead to more informed decision-making and planning.

The Process: Ongoing collaboration to achieve real change.

We received various data sources, including maintenance records, incident data, alarm data, and process safety logs. By connecting these datasets, we identified safety trends and uncovered granular insights to inform future business decisions.

We ingested and analysed the data comprehensively, without prioritising any particular dataset. We then created dashboards and reporting systems to integrate the datasets. Our goal is to make these dashboards simple and intuitive while providing deep insights and trends to enhance the organisation's process safety culture.

The Future: Ongoing customer service.

We maintain regular contact with the client, holding review meetings to ensure alignment with goals and objectives. Engaging the client's stakeholders is essential, helping shape the project's direction.

The Result: A new view

Empirisys provided the client with a fresh perspective on data, offering rich insights for informed decision-making. Using a 'bottom-up' approach, we uncovered correlations and weak signals in the datasets contributing to process safety incidents.

"Working with Empirisys was excellent. Their commitment, dedication, and professionalism exceeded expectations. I would gladly work with them again."

"Empirisys delivered diverse dashboards, enabling us to see data at a granular level for the first time."

Senior Digital Project Manager

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